Monday, April 8, 2013

Another Birthday Extravaganza

It is almost time to start planning another kid's birthday celebration.  Ugh, again?  We just did this last year.  Or, earlier this year if you count the other boy.  I hate trying to come up with a day of festivities for increasingly cynical pre-teen boys.  And really, do you think I want to be around a dozen hyper, sarcastic, writhing boys?  (You thought I was going to add "smelly" in there didn't you?  Well, if you've read my blog before you know that is implied and goes without saying).

Last year we hosted a fun day where we invited not only Zack's friends, but the parents as well, to join us in a suite at the A's game.  Baseball, alcoholic drinks, pizza, and adults to talk to - that's my kind of kid party.  Never mind the annoyed glances that came our way from the people who had the misfortune of purchasing tickets for the seats directly in front of our bay of windows.  Sorry people, you are now the unlucky recipients of ridiculous heckling, singing, screaming, and bits of flying food particles.  Deal.  You're at a ballpark, not the museum.

I love the current trend to host parties at warehouses that cater to your kids, provide activities to tire them out, serve them horrible, unhealthy food, and then clean up after you when you leave!  Did I mention that they clean up everything?  I'm really paying for that service more than anything.  Of course, I would love for my kid to feel like they've had a unique, exciting party that no one else has experienced before, but I'm not that creative or motivated.  We've done the theme parties and believe me, the kids don't really get it or appreciate any of the planning.  I'm all, "Hey, did you notice the Lego candies on all the cupcakes? And the homemade pop-up invitation that looks like a building block? No?"  The kids can't wait to run away from the freaky, overbearing lady.

As my boys grow older I become a little nostalgic for their sweet, innocent parties that are behind us.  Having said that, there are some things that I wave an enthusiastic good-riddance to.  I don't miss the piñatas, the elastic party hats that no kid wants to wear, the party games, the ridiculously large bouncy house taking up my entire yard, or making goody bags filled with plastic crap that I know the parents will throw away as soon as they get home.  Thank goodness for easy gift cards that we can pass out to guests on their way out.  Didn't get enough sugar in the last few hours?  Here, take this See's card and go crazy, or keep haranguing your mom to take you for some frozen yogurt.  I'd like to say that I don't miss the snarky, screaming version of "Happy Birthday" but they still yell it at the top of their lungs.

Because Zack occasionally reads his wacky mom's blog I won't say what we might be planning for next month, but suffice it to say we won't have an obscene Bob the Builder bounce house.  Hey kids, just crawl under my legs here and we'll have lots of sweaty fun.

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