Friday, June 6, 2014

School's (Almost) Out For Summer!

Are you one of those parents who is counting down the last few days of school before summer?  Or do you dread the prospect of having your kids home with you for the next few months?  Either way, you gotta make it through the last few days of school before the kids are free!

We are just barely making it to the finish line.  Backpacks are bulging at reinforced seams with textbooks that need to be returned to school.  We tried to reattach my son's lunchbag handle with staples. That didn't quite work.  My kids are lucky they even get a lunch at this point.  I don't want to add more money to their lunch cards, yet I can't face the thought of braving the supermarket for another batch of healthy school snacks.  I'm getting creative with whatever is in the pantry.  Bread crumbs?  Could I send those as a snack?  Probably not.  What about brown sugar?  Still no?

I expect that they'll live in swim trunks and flip flops most of the summer, so I don't have to worry about buying new clothes.  But they have clearly outgrown most of their normal clothing.  Can I pass those basketball shorts off as running shorts?  I hear midriff-baring shirts are back in... but not for boys you say?  Thank goodness they can soon live like savages.

So I have compiled an End-of-the-Schoolyear BINGO game for you!  You can use whatever you'd like as markers.  The broken nubs of crayons that return home with your child.  The petrified remains of raisins that you find at the bottom of the backpack.  Bottlecaps from the beers you open to cope... Whatever works for you!

Enjoy the last bit of school!  Or, have a drink instead!  I'm sure you've earned it.

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